David Homes - About Us

A David Home

A difference you can see, and many more that you’ll never have to worry about

A David Home delivers on its promises; a lifetime of enjoyment, great memories, new traditions, and through individual attention, professional guidance, and assistance at every corner on every detail, we the delivery the highest quality home based on our clients exacting tastes and inspirations.

Environmental Citizenship

Is it possible to feel even better after moving into your new home? It is when you know that your David Home was built to the highest level of energy efficiency and that your builder has been practicing energy efficient home building longer than anyone else in the area. Cherish that feeling, because with an energy efficient David Home, you’ll be saving money for years.

A Home Designer FIRST

We create homes of incredible value, homes that hold their value, and provide the homeowner with many happy returns. The homes we design reflect the owner's unique desires through a structured, fluid construction process. Our design experts and architectural-minded staff will customize aspect of your home design to fit your exacting needs. And when they don’t know ‘exactly’ what they want, we walk through a process, drawing from our years of experience, to recommend the solutions that will harmonize with family and lifestyle needs.

We also have an extensive portfolio of solutions to inspire and draw from, including; custom home designs, custom design solutions, a variety of architectural features, and more.

A Home Builder TOO

A home is more than floor plans…your life plans will evolve here, live here.

There’s no better choice for your custom home builder, we use only the highest quality products and raw materials, we individually select each set of building products for each home. From squeak-free floors using Truss-Joist floor beams, to energy efficient windows and doors, we select the right mix specifically for your tastes, for your home. From French Country, English Tudor, Cape Cod, Colonial, or a Contemporary home, our build process is the best in the business.